Abby Irene Larson

July 25, 1964-May 19, 2018

“Chaos is rejecting all you have learned. Chaos is being yourself.” Emil Cioran

first and foremost artist!!!, don juan’s reckless daughter, mississippi river lover and all things fish, loyal sister, cannabis partaker, tobacco addict, witty captivator, cabin dweller, tattooed adventurer, back to the earth nature girl, basket weaver, apple picker, wild crafter, van living loblolly pine tree planter, true friend, deep dive philosopher, fun stepsister, risk taker, hard working mother, South American traveler, wife, vegetable and flower grower, woods woman, ginseng and morel mushroom hunter extraordinaire, funny with a great smile and laugh, trout catcher and trout smoker, fabric weaver, painter, regretful nurse, playful aunt, backpacker, hiker, caregiver, stain glass creator, pontoon owner, keeper of my secrets, tropical fruit lover in Isla Mujeres, devoted grandmother, greatest gift giver ever, gone but not forgotten, eternally missed!

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